Eurovision 2013 - Greece - Demy слушать бесплатно музыку 2013

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Demy (Dimitra Papadea) is a Greek singer who is currently signed with Greek independent label Panik Records. At the 2012 MAD Video Music Awards, she won the award for Best New Artist and 2 other awards.As was mentioned in her acceptance speech, in 2011 she was watching the awards show on television and dreaming of one day winning one. One year later, her dream became a reality.Demy, along with The FaDe, also performed on the 2012 awards show. They were the first act on stage. They sang Soldier and Poses Hiliades Kalokairia.At the age of 5, she started taking piano lessons, something she continues to do to this day.Also, she currently takes vocal lessons as well.Jazz, Soul, Rock and Roll, and RandB are cited as musical influences. Her first favorite song growing up was "I'm Like a Bird" by Nelly Furtado. Apart from singing professionally, she is also currently a law school student in Athens. She has stated that she still aspires to finish law school, and not devote herself to music exclusively, even though her popularity as a musician is increasing. Her father (Epaminondas Papadeas) and sister (Romy Papadea) are also attorneys.A new single, "Poses Hiliades Kalokeria" (How Many Thousand Summers) was released in June 2012 and quickly reached #1 on the iTunes Greece song chart. The song also reached #1 on the July 7, 2012 Billboard Greece Digital Songs chart, and remained in the top spot for 9 consecutive weeks, and 10 weeks in total. It also became a success on Greek radio, reaching #1 on the official Greek airplay chart. [12She also sings the lead vocals on Playmens' "Fallin". Some of her others songs include: "Pes Pos Me Thes," "Mia Zografia," "Mono Mbrosta," and "Kratise Me."On June 25, 2012 she performed on the Greece, You Have Talent finale, singing a medley of her recent releases (Mia Zografia, Mono Mbrosta, and Poses Xiliades Kalokairia).On July 6, 2012 two new songs were released on YouTube: A "Poses Hiliades Kalokairia" dance remix,and "Love Light," an English language version of the "Poses Hiliades Kalokairia" dance remix.Both songs have also been released as digital singles. On July 30, 2012 the video for "Love Light" was released by Panik In the summer of 2012 she embarked on a tour that included performances in Greece, Cyprus and Russia.On July 28, 2012, Demy, along with Playmen, performed "Fallin" at the Europa Plus Live music festival in Moscow, Russia. The song has become popular in Russia, and has reached #1 on the Europa Plus Chart, the radio station of the organizers of the festival. On September 21, 2012 she made an appearance at the Amita Motion "Day of Positive Energy" music festival. She performed with other members of her record label.On October 22, 2012 her new single, "H Zoi" (The Life), was released. A 24 second teaser was released on YouTube on October 17, 2012 In December 2012, it has been announced that she will be starring in the musical "Fame" at the "Ellinikou Kosmou" theater in Pireus.Demy's first full length studio album will be released in late 2012 according to her record label. There has not been any official confirmation from the label or the artist regarding the album's title, release date, or if there will be any English language songs included on the album. Studio sessions for the production of the yet untitled work have begun; She has confirmed via Twitter on September 2012 that she was in the studio working on the new album.It is also her desire to one day record songs that she herself has written, but there has been no indication as of September 2012 that her first album is going to contain such songs.

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